Noor design is an HVAC and mechanical design company that provides services to the public for their mechanical needs. Whether it be residential/commercial/retail, contact Noor Design. At Noor Design, my goal is to satisfy each and every client and be able to design just the way you want it. I am a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) and I am licensed under Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) to provide engineering services to the public. I will design to your standards and I hold liability insurance for all my mechanical designs.

Are you

  1. Feeling too hot or too cold?
  2. Needing a City HVAC building permit?
  3. Building a brand new/custom home?
  4. Renovating or doing additions to your existing homes?
  5. Wanting to improve the current HVAC design in your home?
  6. Wanting to add a A/C system to your home?
  7. Adding a washroom/kitchen to your existing layout?
  8. Retrofitting or building a new commercial or retial space?
  9. Building a new office space?
  10. Opening a new store or new restaurant?
  1. Needing floor plan drawings/layouts?
  2. Needing electricsl lighting drawings/design?
  3. Needing electrical power distribution drawings/design?
  4. Needing architecturul and/or structurul drawings?
  5. Needing Mag lock or security drawings/design?
  6. Needing fire alram drawings/design?
  7. Needing sprinkler/fire protection drawings?
  8. In need of as built drawings?
  9. In need of an Engineers letter or report?

If any of the above apply to you contact Noor Design

Noor Design provides services

  1. Mechanical design to obtain city building permits for new homes, custom homes, renovations or additions to an existing home
  2. Mechanical design to obtain city building permits for office spaces, retail spaces, restaurants, and any other commercial buildings
  3. Heat loss and heat gain calculations
  4. HVAC duct design
  5. Ventilation design
  6. Furnace and A/C unit design
  7. HRV/ERV design
  8. Ductless split system design
  9. Retrofit of HVAC systems to improve the heating/cooling in your home
  10. Plumbing/Piping design
  11. Fire Alarm design for commerical and offices
  12. Electrical lighting layout for residential, commerical, and office projects
  13. Electrical power distribution design for residential, commercial, and office projects
  14. Fire protection and sprinkler design
  15. Mag lock and security design for office spaces
  16. On site coordination during the construction phase
  17. Provide field reports to owners during construction/renovation phase
  18. Full service one stop shop for all your permit and contruction drawings needs
  19. And many more services. Contact me and I will be glad to help you